A Fearless Home Birth- Just Mom, Invisible Midwife, and Daughter

I love this birth story- OK, well I love most birth stories.  What is special about this one to me though is that the mom seems fearless and her birth is fast and beautiful.  This birth story highlights for me how important it is that we are without reservations and are comfortable with who is at our birth when we go into labor and birth our babies.  Home birth has an amazing ability to be so personal and private.  

(PS, I left at the end the mothers comment when she sent me this story so you too will be inspired to send me yours!  It is great and therapeutic to write these down.) 

I have a sweet home birth story for you that was positive in many ways. I didn't have a doula, and this was before I became a doula.  I never questioned whether or not I could successfully birth a baby at home, so, was not doubtful or worried about any possible complications that could require a transfer.   And I think for me, the bottom line was that I just wanted to be left alone to labor and birth however I needed to.  I had not yet begun to educate myself about the psychological or spiritual aspects of birth, so wasn't even thinking of it in terms of empowering myself.
-Was my second birth, first to be planned at home.  One week before my EDD, I began noticing 'real' contractions early in the morning, around 5-ish.  Husband left for the day by 6am, (he knew I was contracting) while contractions were still mild.  With just my 5 year old at home with me, I called my mom to give her a heads up that I may need her to come sometime that day. By 8am, I began phone calls with my midwife. 
-We went about our morning pretty normally, though I knew before too long, that this was indeed labor.  Much like my first, the early part of labor was very inconsistent and mostly mild, which made it easy to misinterpret my progress.
-By about 9am, I was asking my midwife to make her way to my house, knowing it would be at least an hour before she could get there...
-While I was putting all of the plastic linings on my bed upstairs, I realized that I really didn't want to 'deal' with my 5 year old anymore.  I was having to stop during contractions, and most of her normal chatty behavior was becoming irritating.  I believe this was about 9:30...called my mom.  All I said was, "Can you come now?".  Without hesitation she said, "Yes.  I'm coming."  This was so nice for me to know at the time.  Until then, I hadn't been at all bothered by being home alone with my 5 year old.  But now, I was ready for someone else to come.

(Husband should have been called by now, but the truth is that I didn't even think of it at the time.  I didn't realize how quickly I was progressing, and as I look back on it, he wasn't someone I trusted, so it's likely better that he wasn't present while I labored. At some point, I did call his cell, but got his voice mail and left a message.  By the time I remembered to try him again, baby was only 15 minutes away from being born...)
-My mom arrived a little after 10am.  This was great, and allowed me to really go into 'laborland' and from that point on, I have no idea what my 5 year old was doing.  She took care of my child, and I was allowed to wander around wherever and however I wanted.

-I spent a lot of time leaning on the kitchen counter, as I recall.  At 10:30, when my wonderful midwife arrived, this is where I was.  I remember her coming to me with a sweet smile and she asked, " How are you feeling?"  All I said was, "Grumpy."
-She came back a little while later with her hand held Doppler.  While she was listening to baby, I started feeling really nauseous.  Scooting into the bathroom, I parked, standing at the sink and that sink became my 'spot' for the duration.  For whatever reason, I felt very safe there, holding on to the sides of that pretty pedal sink bowl.  I hung on to it during those last, most intense contractions, bending, leaning, and squatting when necessary.
-My mom and my midwife were close by, but not visible to me.  I knew they were in the next room, getting things ready.  At one point, I felt the need to pee.  I must have said this out loud, because all of a sudden there was my beautiful midwife, with a 'blue pad', laying it at my feet and telling me to 'just pee on this if you have to.'  Sounds strange, I know, but those were very nice words to hear in that moment.

-The one time this labor brought me to my knees was the contraction that followed.  And as soon as it was decreasing, my water broke.  Big splash, all over the 'blue pad'.

-I do remember thinking audibly to myself, "Oh boy, here we go..." I knew this would mean baby comes next.
-Standing back up, the next contraction came and my babe was coming down.
-After this one contraction, babe was crowning.  My midwife asked me if I wanted to go to the couch, but I told her I couldn't.  I was still standing at my sink, so she got down on the floor underneath me, and prepared to catch my baby.

-Second contraction post ROM, babe's head is born.  I remember my midwife referring to him then as 'between worlds', while she cleared some of the fluids from his face.
-Third contraction, babe is born and in an instant, I'm holding him.  Squishy like a soft sponge.  It was such a sweet moment.  In the quiet little corner of my house, just me and this new little creature.

Respectfully witnessed by my caring midwife, loving mother, and very excited daughter. 
I got exactly what I had wanted.  I was left alone to labor in my own time and space, while being watched over at the same time.  And only now, after having become a doula myself, do I understand that it's exactly what my babe and I both needed.
 He was born just before 11am.  So, about a 1/2 hour after my midwife arrived at my house.
Thanks for collecting the stories.  It's good to share them, and strangely therapeutic to write them down...


Christina said…
This one is beautiful. It just makes me smile. :)
Anonymous said…
Makes me smile too! Enjoyed it! I felt like I was reliving it with her!
kimberley said…
funny and sad that i never thought to ask for the details of my nephew's birth before now - how beautiful to read it here:) and i love the saying "he's between worlds", it's left me in tears.