Serenity's Birth-

I love this birth story from a student and friend of mine!! It is just so fantastic to be part of this fabulous journey called motherhood.  This is the mothers third baby and third unmedicated birth.  I love how it shows one of the most amazing things about the everyday event of birth- it is always sacred.  But my favorite thing about this birth story is how mama stayed calm and it kept the birth, the doctors, and the entire situation calm.  Ladies- we have great power over our births if we are educated and advocate for ourselves!!


This baby has been really active through out the whole pregnancy. So it was no 
shock to me that she would be in a different position at every appointment. She 
has been transverse, breech, and head down. When I was 38 weeks the midwives
and doctor started to get worried that she wouldn't turn in time and/or stay that way
even if she did. (I wasn't worried!) I figured that if she had enough room to move and
flip as often as she does there should be nothing to worry about! 
Yet at 41 weeks she was breech again with low fluids, so I agreed to a version
in the office without any drugs. It worked. The doctor wanted me to start induction 
that day, but I was firm in letting my husband know what was going on and I wanted 
to pray about it and even get a blessing.

I am so grateful for getting a blessing! It was beautiful and helped me be confident in the choices I
made for the labor and delivery of our baby. (I know that it also gave my mom the assurance she 
needed to be able to be calm and help coach me through this time!) My husband has never doubted
that I could do this! :) So grateful that I can count on him to be there and just believe I can do it.

After the baby being in several different positions with each appointment and low fluids.  I finally decided to let them strip the membranes 9 days after their estimated due date.  Labor started within an hour!  With taking Bradley Method classes (which also helped my mom with ideas on how she could help me relax.)  I learned more on how to stay relaxed through the contractions.  I stayed busy and relaxed when I needed to.

My husband and mom were with me helping me whenever I needed them.  Around 7pm we set up someone to come get our daughters.  We relaxed a little while longer at home.  
At the hospital I stayed moving most of the time just to keep things moving along.  Walking the halls with my mom rubbing my back and talking to me with each contraction.  During monitoring us at one point I had a contraction where they lost the heart beat for to long.  I opened my eyes to 4 women standing next to me in a panic.  I told them that "it was just a really good contractions with her stretching out."  (It actually made me laugh at them!)  I felt calm, confident and happy that I could tell them everything was fine!  
Around 2am I felt like they were getting more intense in my back, so I got into the shower.  How lovely that hot water felt hitting my back!  After some time on the birthing ball I felt better pushing some through them, so told them that.  My midwife checked me and I was a stretchy 9cm so I started to push with the contractions.  I got to be empowered and tell them she was fine again while I got ready to push. She had just moved farther into the birth canal and they lost her heart beat again.  And I said "oh she is fine, she just kicked me!"  They seemed to be more calm about it just because I knew she was fine and I wasn't worried!
I believe it took me a handful of pushes to get her head out and one last one for the rest of her!  We had another beautiful baby girl! We got to nursing within 15 minutes of her birth.  We bonded with her for more than an hour before we just had to find out how big she was!  We named her Serenity Noelle. A couple short hours later she got to meet her two big sisters.  I am so happy that I was able to stick up for myself and my little one so well this time around.  And most important, I thank my Father in Heaven for all His help and guidance through this pregnancy.  Maybe next time I will be even braver and go with a HOMEBIRTH!


L said…
What a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing.
Tacey said…
It's so lovely to hear lovely stories like this. Congratulations!