Ricki Lake Made Me Have a Homebirth

In my spare time as of late I have been mulling over ACOG's statement regarding homebirth. I just can't help myself, so bear with me. Here is a little segment that is particularly offensive.

"Childbirth decisions should not be dictated or influenced by what's fashionable, trendy, or the latest cause célèbre. Despite the rosy picture painted by home birth advocates, a seemingly normal labor and delivery can quickly become life-threatening for both the mother and baby."

Not so surprising is that this statement appeared shortly after the movie The Business of Being Born came out. The movie was made in part by former TV talk show host Ricki Lake who is a homebirth advocate and had her second child at home.

Is ACOG really that worried about women having children at home because a former talk show host makes a small time movie about the joys of homebirth?! Seriously!? (Click here for a little article about the controversy.)

I really liked the movie actually. I own it and have watched it many times. And, truth be told, though it was not a huge hit , I have had a few students mention that they saw that movie and that is what set them on the path towards homebirth.

Homebirth is still small time. If people were swayed by that movie at all it was not because they want to do what the celebrities are doing. It was because Ricki made a good point and she backed it up with research and video.

She showed nurses talking about how EVERYBODY gets pitocin. She talked about the statistics. She interviewed smart, respected, famous people, some in high medical positions, who talked about the safety and benefits of homebirth. And then she was smart enough to show some amazing homebirths. Women birthing squatting in their own dang hallway buck naked instead of strapped to a bed with a stranger staring at their chart.

Women do not want to have a homebirth because Ricki had one, they want to have homebirths because they want a good birth. And they are smart enough to realize that they come few and far between in a hospital.

I do not really believe that ACOG is sincerely worried about women leaving their hospitals in droves because a nineties talk show host thinks it is a good idea. I also do not think they are really concerned with mine or your health and safety. I think they know that birth can be AMAZING. They know it can be CHEAP. They know that they are UNNECESSARY 95% of the time. And that is something they most definitely DO NOT want you to know.

If only Oprah would have a homebirth.....
Ladies, I think we are just going to have to create this change on our own.