Preparing For Your Childbirth Class-6, Second Stage or Pushing

At some point during your natural birth class you will discuss second stage labor or pushing.  
Ay Ay Ay- it seems like there is a controversy about everything when it comes to childbirth!  I was not able to find a good link that I totally agreed with about second stage so here is a quick summary from me!

Second stage labor is the time where you have reached full dilation and your contractions space out again and become expulsive.  Women usually feel an urge to push sometime after reaching 10 centimeters dilation.  Some will say don't push your baby, let it be born gently.  Some will say push will all your might as soon as you hit that magic 10.  Well, I say listen to your body.  It should be the one to tell you what to do.

The urge is different for everybody.  Go with what you are given.  If you have incorporated the exercises into your lifestyle then all the various positions you can push in should be second nature by now.  Push to the point of comfort.  Holding your breath, should you so desire, will give you more power in your pushes.

Second stage takes stamina, especially for the first time mom who often pushes longer than a woman who has had multiple children.  Walking, though difficult while pregnant will pay off now.  As will staying off your couch!!!  Taylor sitting, squatting, and all your other exercises are important.

After second stage comes the third and final stage of labor, birth of the placenta.  As with anything in a NATURAL birth, it is preferable to allow the placenta to deliver naturally.  You can wait till the cord stops pulsing to cut it.  It is even possible to wait until the placenta delivers to cut the cord.

Nursing your baby at this point is important both for bonding and shrinking the uterus and slowing bleeding.  This is natures way of releasing oxytocin, which will help your uterus go back to it's smaller size.  Some care providers give everybody pitocin at this point.  Know that there are natural options for the healthy mother.

Many women barely notice third stage, but it is important.  If you want to keep your placenta for some reason, you may want to let your birth team know that prior to the birth.  It is an amazing organ created by your body!    

On to the next stage of your life!  Parenthood!