Preparing for Your Childbirth Class- Part 4

The Coach

One of the key ingredients to a Bradley Birth is the Bradley Coach, often the father.  With just a little knowledge, comfort with birth, and the love that they already have for their partner, the father or coach can be one of the most important parts of the birth.

Conversely, if the coach is uncomfortable, scared, and has no knowledge of normal birth, he can be less than helpful.  This article is a great one from a Bradley dad.

The most successful couples are ones that work together, read together, practice together and then labor together.  They get to share the joy at the end of all this hard work together and know that they couldn't have done it without each other.

It is important that dad/coach understands the many benefits of a natural birth also, so that he is motivated to help achieve one.  This birth story shows the pain that a woman can experience when she and her partner are unprepared and lack knowledge about avoiding interventions and drugs in birth.  It is important to take a birth class.  It is important for the partner to be involved.

Start now at working together to practice relaxation.