For some reason whenever I think of female power a scene from Conan the Barbarian always comes to mind.  You know the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grace Jones, Wilt Chamberlin.  The scene I think of is when Grace Jones is tied down to the ground and she is single handedly fighting off a group of men with nothing more than a stick.  Pure genius, really, I just love it!  She is so angry and unafraid even though she is outnumbered and of course, tied down!  I love her.

Of course I have never been that good at kickboxing, earning tons of money, and I am pretty sure I am nowhere near as scary as Grace Jones, but I still like to think of myself as having a little bit of greatness.

Yes I am a housewife.  Yes I am Mormon. And, oh yes, I do and always have thought of myself as a feminist.

Not in the  Rush Limbaugh  makes jokes about me being a femenazi way.  Not in the Hillary Clinton way.  Not in the same way that Betty Friedan brought about with The Feminine Mystique.  No, I consider myself a feminist because I believe in real female power.

I grow my babies with my incredible female power.  I am confident that I can do this.  I find beauty and joy in the process of pregnancy.  I take it like a woman.  I rejoice in feeling my babies kick and move.  I don't complain endlessly about the gift and the power to incubate human life as naturally and easily as I breathe.

I birth my babies under my own power.  I do not use the MAN made power of machines to pull them out.  I don't employ male obstetricians to help me.  I don't use their drugs to dull my sensations.  I birth my babies with my body and my power.

I feed my babies with my own power.  I use my own body.  It is free.  I don't feed them a MAN made substance that can be found on grocery shelves around the world.  No, what my babies get is made by women all over the world and has been from the beginning of time.  I feed my babies with my own power and my own body.

I have a little Grace Jones in me.  I am a little crazy.  When men see me, they sense a little of my greatness and they feel just a little awe in my presence.


Harshes said…
Beautiful Sarah. ~January
Mama Birth said…
Thanks mama! I need to go to bed earlier.
aeh87 said…
I absolutely love this post. Standing ovation to you!!!
I am the same (though not mormon, purely christian) :) and rejoice.
God be with you mama