Preventing and Treating Candida / Yeast Infections in the Lactating Mother

Just looked up some links recently about treating yeast in the nursing mother and thought I would share.
A yeast infection in the breast can be incredibly painful for the mother and can cause her to quit breastfeeding. These links have some great info.
Also- some mom's find that the supplement Fungal Defense from Garden of Life supplements will help to kill the yeast so that your body can come to a healthy equilibrium again.

Many mom's also find that removing yeast products (bread) and sugar and white flour from your diet is also helpful. In addition, many sources recommend probiotics, but some have found that the probiotics should be started only AFTER the yeast is under control with a product like the one mentioned above. (From my sweet and knowledgeable hubby- thanks babe!)

An old friend also recommended using Motherlove Nipple Cream which is organic and safe.

Info for treatment from Kellymom

Info from LLL International

My beloved Texas La Leche League leader had this to add also- a shout out to Louanne and LLL leaders everywhere who know so much, help so many and do it all for free!

For the All purpose nipple cream I use:
lotromin ointment (anti fungal)
antibiotic ointment (no pain relief in formula)
hydrocrotisone ointment1 %
Mix equal amounts on a clean plate and apply with cotton swab.
apply to cracked nipples (or anywhere really) after each feed
cover nipples with a 3 inch square of saran wrap until the the next feed
do not use breast pads as they can stick to the cracks and reopen the wounds
do this for 48 hours
then use 4 X's a day
most cracks in nipples are healed in 48 hours

And to clean and prevent:
1. swab affected areas at least four times a day with solution of 1 tsp baking soda to 1 cup warm water. use every where--mouth, nipples, etc. don't double dip cotton balls. let areas air dry or use blow drier.
2. apply lotromin to all affected areas except inside baby's mouth at least 4 times a day. use a cotton swab applicator and do not double dip.
3. use towels once. wash clothes daily and bras if soaked in milk. add baking soda to the laundry rinse and dry everything on high.
4. everyone in the house must use increased hygiene habits. household animals should go outside or wash after touching them (yeast can hide in cuticles and animal ears)
5. eliminate sugar and white flour and caffeine
6. follow dr. jack newman's gentain violet and diflucan regimen

Good luck- another post to follow soon!
(This is of course something that some mom's find helpful and is not intended to be medical advise.)


Donna Ryan said…
Excellent. I'm sending this on to our beloved Abq friend. Is that why you looked this up?
Mama Birth said…
It is- she said it was hard to find good info that was not conflicting. I added a topical ointment too that my LLL leader has success with.
Laura said…
I have had yeast infections with most of my children (don't know exactly why, except that the first one they gave me antibiotics with), and I have found out what works best for me, is to eat plain, all-natural yogurt (Dannon is a good brand). It cured my yeast infections, and at the same time, cured my infants' infections... or prevented them both. I ate yogurt on a daily or every other daily basis until everything was under control. Then I made sure to eat it at least twice a week.