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Those Crazy Prayers

Those Crazy PrayersLife has seemed nuts lately. Flooding in Houston, hurricanes in Florida, and various horrors around the globe. The small town I grew up in is currently on fire. I’ve lost count of my friends, family, and acquaintances who have been evacuated (at best) and lost everything at worst. Of course, worse has happened to some. Lives are being lost. Children dying.
People are suffering.
One thing that occurs when bad stuff happens is that people send their “thoughts and prayers.” They say they’ll pray for you. They send their love. They comment on social media.
Then, there comes rebuttal. Yes, even to sent prayers, there is sometimes argument.
I found a gem of negativity the other day that gets passed around whenever natural disaster strikes. It was a little mockery of prayer.
There are lots of versions of this, so I won’t share a specific one. There are pictures of a starving child, pointing out that “your prayers didn’t help them.” Jokes about someone’s deity. These comments…

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