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Why Parents Hate Fun

Why Parents Hate FunI come home from an errand on a Saturday morning to my three lovely daughters having a painting class. There is so much creativity going on.

No, I haven’t splurged on an art tutor.

They have come up with this all themselves. Paints are out. They have discovered how to make butterflies by putting dollops of paint on half of the page, folding it, and unfolding it to a beautiful mix of colors that create unique butterfly wings.

It's a beautiful sight. Creativity. Art. Sisterly love. All blended together for a moment worthy of a Pinterest graphic.

Ahhhh! I should take a picture. I could put it on Instagram and, without saying it directly, imply my superior parenting and children.

20 minutes later they are screaming, water and paint have spilled on my dinner chair, someone kicked someone, kid #3 is screeching in someone's face shortly before they punch her in the shoulder. Also, my paints are all empty.


Many tears are shed.

Whoever said that boys are lo…

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